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Our Process

The Inspection

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It all starts with an inspection

We do a detailed inspection of your property with trained inspectors that locate and find damages that happened to your property. We take detailed photos and notes of all damage we document.

We discuss our findings with you and if you agree with us and want our help we will proceed by filing the claim for you.

Filing the Claim

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The Home Inspector LLC We file the claim for you. We help you by following up with your adjuster and insurance company to keep your claim moving forward. This protects you because our trained professionals will look over and analyze your claim for accuracy and will help prove damage with documentation if your insurance company happens to deny your claim.

Proving your Damage

Our Insurance claims experts will use several methods we have come up with to prove your damages. We use state of the art techniques to document your homes damages. We have trained inspectors to review each claim and make sure that you are treated fairly during the claims process.

The Home Inspector

Restoring your property

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We cover all the construction aspects of recovering your property without leaving your home feeling like a disaster area. Our professionals are efficient and through in the installation process. We make sure that all work zones are safe and cleaned leaving your property looking beautiful as the end result.

The Home Inspector

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